Jared Rooks, founder of 33AD Ministries, is a passionate Preacher, Teacher and Evangelist that seeks to save the lost, inspires all generations to Hunger after God and to seek Christ through the trials of life. In 2004, he was appointed by God through a vision which called him into ministry and later graduated from The Ramp School of Ministry. Shortly after in 2012, Jared was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. With his unwavering and persistent faith, Jared has battled and defeated stage IV cancer 4 times. He’s known for his bold proclamation for Jesus’ truth, his courageous faith, and undying love for our Savior. Jared’s heart is for true Revival and he wants to ignite unity within the church.

One early morning in 2013 as Jared woke up, God spoke directly to Jared’s spirit saying, “You know you have been healed since 33AD right?” As Jared was battling his first bout with stage 4 cancer, he realized that Jesus took sin, sickness, cancer and everything in between on the cross when He was 33 years of age. Jesus took 39 stripes, was crucified on the cross, died and rose again at 33AD! You and I have been Healed Since 33AD!